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Typically sermons are preached in two parts each Lord's Day. In the past they were merged together into one file for your convenience. Now, they will be archived separately with part A and part B in the title for to distinguish between the first hour and the second hour sermons.

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Isaiah 20 - The Sevenfold Spirit and the Messiah
Vic Bottomly - Isa 11:3-5 05/21/2017

33.7 MB
Luke 09a - Rejection in Nazareth
Michael Kelly - Luke 4:14-40 05/14/2017

30.7 MB
Luke 09b - Rejection in Nazareth
Michael Kelly - Luke 4:14-40 05/14/2017

32.6 MB
Luke 10 - Christ's Authority Over the Unclean Spirits
Michael Kelly - Luke 4:31-44 05/21/2017

30.1 MB
Studies in Mark Pt 13
Hiram Diaz - Mark 3:20-29 05/21/2017

32.8 MB