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Thank you for visiting the Port Cities Reformed Baptist Church website. We are a committed body of believers who believe in the authority of the Word of God and the Doctrines of Grace. We seek to worship God in the way that He has commanded in His Word, and desire to grow in His grace and apply His Word in every area of life. We meet every Lord's Day at 10:00 at the Lewiston Community Center. We welcome you to worship with us. Click here for more information and directions.

What's in a name ... why Port Cities?
The Port of Lewiston is the most inland seaport on the west coast (465 miles inland from the Pacific Ocean) and is Idaho's only seaport. Neighboring Clarkston, WA also has a seaport (Port of Clarkston), hence the name, Port Cities.

This coming Lord's Day July 20, 2014 - Romans #66 "The Love of God in Christ" Romans 8:35-39

Sunday Evening Worship:  Lord's Day, July 20th - 4pm

Wednesday Evening Worship and Prayer Meeting:  July 30th, 6:45PM @ Lewiston Lions Club - 1205 8th Ave

"It was by the ear, by our first parents listening to the serpent that we lost paradise; and it is by the ear, by hearing of the Word, that we get to heaven." 

Thomas Watson

"Hear, and your souls shall live."  Isaiah 55:3